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Sabzinè Tejarat Torang-è- Kaveer trading and manufacturing company is a producer and importer of a wide variety of agricultural inputs. We began our industrial activity as a manufacturer in 2014. Our field of activity conducted by skilled experts and researchers includes production, import and marketing of various types of organic and chemical fertilizers. Given the different climatic regions of Iran and the physical and chemical properties of the soil in each region and in order to increase our products’ efficiency, we have the privilege to access local experts’ consultation in each region.

We have been performing extensive studies in collaboration with skilled researchers and accredited laboratories in order to promote our production process and guarantee the quality of our products to be in accordance with national and international product standards. Our strategy is active, sustained and reliable presence in domestic and regional markets of high quality agricultural inputs and also to maintain our customers’ satisfaction. Currently we provide our products to the market under our 6 brands: Citrona, Livyar, Mhazari, Rostan, Farmino and STK. Our factory’s production capacity has been raised to cover highly efficient fertilizers and new formulations and we would like to grant domestic and foreign representation to qualified candidates.

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